Prof. Christian R. Orozco

Director, Office of Field Activities (OFA) Diliman

“I believe that in UP, no one is discriminated because of age.”

The youngest among the OVCAA directors is the Office of the Field Activities (OFA) head Assistant Professor Christian Orozco, who is also a faculty in the Institute of Civil Engineering. He obtained his BSc in Civil Engineering with honors and MSc in Environmental Engineering degrees from the same university. He is a licensed civil engineer in the Philippines and holds certification from the American Concrete Institute. He is a member of the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers, National Secretary and Director of the American Concrete Institute Philippines Chapter and is a US International Exchange Alumni.

His research interests and field of expertise include water quality monitoring and modeling, environmental impact assessment, water and wastewater treatment and management, and sustainable technologies in engineered systems. Among his international trainings include solid waste management and landfill design in the University of Malaya, seismic design of structures by the National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering in Taipei Taiwan and water treatment processes and plants in UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education in Delft, The Netherlands. He was also trained as a trainer for Integrated Water Resource Management Tools by UNESCO-IHE and Deltares. In 2015 and 2017, he has been a Visiting Foreign Researcher as part of the JICA project ASEAN University Network/Southeast Asia Engineering Network (AUN/SEED-Net) Toyohashi University of Technology and Hokkaido University in Japan, respectively

As an educator, researcher, engineer and a passionate environmental advocate, Christian’s ultimate goal is to make an influence in the society through high impact researches. He has been involved in several government and industry-funded research projects related to water quality monitoring/modeling, structural integrity assessment of reinforced concrete buildings, road applications of cement, sustainable construction materials and solid waste management, among others. He has attended trainings and presented in various academic and professional conferences in Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Japan, Turkey, The Netherlands and the United States. He is a mentor to several undergraduate student researches and student organizations.

As the founding director of one of OVCAA’s newly established offices, as mandated by the Executive Order No. PAEP 16-02 dated April 26, 2016, Professor Orozco and his team aims to maintain context in ensuring that University policies and guidelines are properly operationalized in conducting academic field activities.

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