General Resources

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center
At the heart of ERIC is the largest education database in the world-containing more than 1 million records of journal articles, research reports, curriculum and teaching guides, conference papers, and books.
The Academic Porthole Information and Resources for Higher Education Community
Offers a wide variety of resources intended to bring educators into the world of teaching with technology. As a portal, it provides links to valuable and useful information relative to current and past practice in the field of education.

The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Education Virtual Library

North Central Regional Educational Laboratory NCREL
A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that provides research-based expertise, resources, assistance and professional development opportunities for teachers, administrators, and policy makers.

Blue Web'n
A searchable database of about 1000 outstanding Internet learning sites categorized by subject area, audience, and type (lessons, activities, projects, resources, references, & tools).


Methods and Theory

ERIC/AE Full Text Internet Library
Contains links to some of the best full-text books, reports, journal articles, newsletter articles and papers on the Internet that address educational measurement, evaluation and learning theory.

Teaching Methods Web Resources

Methods and Theory:

Explorations in Learning and Instruction: The Theory-Into-Practice Database
TIP is a tool intended to make learning and instructional theory more accessible to educators. The database contains brief summaries of 50 major theories of learning and instruction.

How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School

Recent research provides a deep understanding of complex reasoning and performance on problem-solving tasks and how skill and understanding in key subjects are acquired.

About Learning Theories
Briefly examines some theories of how people learn.

Educational Theory (ISSN 0013-2004)
Publishes work in the philosophy of education and other disciplines.



ERIC/AE Full Text Internet Library
Contains links to some of the best full-text books, reports, journal articles, newsletter articles and papers on the Internet that address educational measurement, evaluation and learning theory.

Educational Assessment

What is assessment? Conventional and alterate assessments.

Part of the NorthCentral Regional Educational Laboratory's Critical Issuesseries.

Critical Issues in Assessment

FAST:Free Assesment Summary Tool
The Free Assessment Summary Tool allows faculty to elicit anonymous student feedback on teaching. The service is free and includes a web form, a database of questions that can be added to the form, and results returned to the user in .xls format. Student feedback on teaching or other aspects of learning is crucial to ongoing improvement of teaching.This tool has been developed at Mount Royal College, but may be used by teachers and trainers in any situation from elementary school to professional workshops.


Teaching Tips

How To Teach Better
Improve teaching by using these well-organised, simply stated ideas in the classroom or distance-learning program to immediately enhance the quality of students' learning experiences.

The Creative Teaching Site
Creative Teaching, teaching style, education, creativity, and teachers... The Creative Teaching site is a non-profit site financed by the author to help develop creative teaching and professional enthusiasm.

Online Teaching Tips


Critical Issues

Pathways to School Improvement
Synthesizes research, policy and best practices on issues critical to educators engaged on school improvement. Pathways currently offers more than 75 Critical Issues, with many more in development. All are rich sources of research, policy, and practice. Each has undergone extensive internal and external review by experts in the field. All feature contacts and additional resources of value. These documents can enhance your learning, stimulate research, and combine with other resources to suit your needs.


Educational Technology

Teaching with Electronic Technology
The World Wide Web sites collected on this page reflect the considerable variety of uses for computing and related forms of electronic technology in teaching.

The Technology Source
The purpose of The Technology Source (ISSN 1532-0030), a peer-reviewed bimonthly periodical published by the Michigan Virtual University, is to provide thoughtful, illuminating articles that will assist educators as they face the challenge of integrating information technology tools into teaching and into managing educational organizations.

Professional and Theoretical Issues in Educational Technology: Occasional Papers
Contains scholarly papers on theories and issues in educational technology. Concerned about the contributions educational technology can make to learning, and cautious about the problems that can accompany the adoption of technology.

Educational Technology: Cycle of Improved Practice
A Canadian project, developed to put good resources and best practices into the hands of educators interested in using or developing their use of educational technologies in their teaching practice.

Syllabus Magazine
The only monthly publication that focuses on the role of technology in higher education. Published since 1988, Syllabus' mission is to inform educators on how technology can be used to support their teaching, learning and administrative activities. Each issue includes feature articles, case studies, product reviews and profiles of technology use at the individual, departmental and institutional level.

Technology and Learning Magazine

T.H.E. (Technological Horizons in Education) Journal
The solid foundation of a rapidly expanding suite of information-based products and services offered by T.H.E. To be sure, it is the longest running, most widely read education technology publication, serving the educators for over 28 years!
Created by Forde Multimedia Consulting to encourage debate on the merits and pit falls of using educational technology in real schools.

Regional Technology in Education Consortium

Challenges for the Evaluation of New Information and Communication Technologies
Reprint article which considers various aspects of issues related to technology evaluation, access, and literacy learning.


Instructional Design

Instructional Theory and Design
Educational Research Room at Scott's Library.

Instructional Design Models

Different Perspectives on System Design and Instructional Design


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