Visiting Professor

The “Visiting Professor” designation is given to a faculty member of another academic institution who will teach in the University. The terms of employment will depend on the memorandum of agreement executed by the University with the home institution of the professor concerned or upon the terms of the invitation. Compensation will be on a case-to-case basis. Requests for funding, however, should be made in advance by the requesting unit for purposes of allocation of funds. [123rd PAC meeting, Jan. 17, 1995]

Arrangements for a Visiting Professor shall be governed by the following guidelines [Exec. Com. meeting, Aug. 8, 2001]:

  1. The unit must submit to the Office of the Chancellor a proposal containing its projections of the number of Visiting Professors in one (1) year on or before November of the preceding fiscal year.
  2. The approval of the proposal shall be subject to the availability of funds.
  3. No Visiting Professor shall be invited without prior approval of the Chancellor upon the recommendation of the dean.
  4. Terms of reference (TOR) for a Visiting Professor is required whether or not s/he comes from a university with which UPD has a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). The TOR shall contain the following information:

    • • Minimum qualifications of the Visiting Professor
    • • Duration of stay of the Visiting Professor
    • • Expectations of the host unit from the Visiting Professor
    • • Obligations of both UPD and the home university of the Visiting Professor

  5. The following entitlements may be granted by UPD to a Visiting Professor:

    • a) For short-term/long-term visits of professors from universities with which UPD has a MOA Pursuant to the terms and conditions of the MOA between UPD and the home institution of a Visiting Professor, s/he may be entitled to free housing or a corresponding salary of a UPD rank equivalent to her/ his position at the home institution.

    • b) For short-term/long-term visits of professors from universities with no existing MOA with UPD

      Duration of Stay of Visiting Professor Entitlement(s)
      ten (10) working days or less Allowance/day and accommodations at Balay Kalinaw or Innotech (if available)
      more than ten (10) working days but not over forty (40) working days (8 weeks) Option 1:
      Accommodations at Balay Kalinaw or Innotech (if available) plus allowance/day if the unit so recommends. The latter will be charged against the host unit’s MOOE
      Option 2:
      Honorarium/month (prorated) if Visiting Professor pays for his/her own accommodations