The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (OVCAA) is a global leader in delivering quality academic programs in higher education. We seek to sustain a nurturing and enabling academic environment that inspires and encourages academic freedom and critical scholarship, creativity and innovation, inclusion and diversity. As the premiere national university OVCAA takes the lead in the development and use of learning materials, knowledge products, and educational technologies for the benefit of the Filipino public.


The OVCAA upholds the core academic mission of the University of the Philippines Diliman. It provides:

  • strategic leadership
  • support and direction in university-wide policies
  • guidelines and standards related to curriculum, teaching, and learning
  • educational resources.

To fulfill its mandate, the OVCAA:

  • supervises undergraduate and graduate education;
  • promotes and supports faculty development;
  • monitors student progress from admission to graduation;
  • provides students and faculty the best possible access to the information, spaces, and resources in support of research, learning and teaching;
  • develops the necessary systems, mechanisms, and programs designated to ensure the delivery of quality teaching and learning;
  • provides various learning experiences and opportunities for students to develop lifelong learning, public service orientation, and socio-civic responsibility consistent with the core UP values; and
  • engages in the University’s internationalization goals through multi-directional exchanges to enrich the teaching and learning of faculty, students and REPS.


The OVCAA commits to the following values and principles:
• Honor and integrity                                               • Fairness, transparency, and accountability
• Excellence                                                            • Professionalism and commitment to service
• Malasakit, compassion, and empathy                  • Inclusivity and non-discrimination