This survey aims to gather feedback on customer experience for purposes of improving our services and enhancing our ways of managing customers.

The following will serve as your guide in answering the quality of service availed of:

5 Very Satisfied –  if the service rendered by the employee is exemplary and extends beyond the call of duty

4 Satisfied – if you are satisfied with the performance of the employee and the service he/she rendered.

3 Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied – if the element being rated is not applicable or you are merely not interested to give a rating.

2 Dissatisfied – if you are not satisfied with the manner in which the requested service was rendered and the kind of service given by the employee

1 Very Dissatisfied – if you experienced difficulty and exasperation during the transaction

Everyone is reminded to answer the kind of service availed of, and the date and time of the transaction, as well as his/her email address so that the our office can reply to your comments. Giving your name and the name of the employee being rated is optional.

Please answer the Survey form below.