In this interactive session, our speakers will delve into how GenAI has impacted trust in assessment design and management. By exploring and mapping the challenges of AI with assessment, they will offer insights on how to map course elements and design assessments to address these concerns.

Developing assessments that measure learning processes, and the application and critiquing of knowledge is crucial as institutions seek to prepare students for the future of work. Through this webinar, educators can also appreciate potential operational efficiencies when using AI for both teaching and in assessment.

Singapore Management University cordially invites our friends from the AUN-TEPL thematic network to attend this webinar. Come join us for an enriching session of learning!


Dr Lynn Gribble

Dr Lynn Gribble SFHEA is nationally and internationally recognised for her thought leadership in AI teaching and learning and award-winning digital innovation practices. With community at heart, she created and co-leads the AI Community of Practice to disseminate, collaborate and advocate the use of AI in education practices at UNSW.

An early adopter, adapter and authoritative voice in AI, she led the terms of reference responses for the Australasian Academic Integrity Network’s submission to Parliament on the impacts of Artificial Intelligence in Education (2023) and also presented evidence to the Parliamentary enquiry. She has published several chapters on designing teaching and assessment in the face of rapidly developing AI, published in multiple Q1 journals, and invited to present internationally.

Dr Janis Wardrop

Dr Janis Wardrop is an academic leader, educational change agent and commentator on management education, business ethics and governance. With 15 years’ experience in academia as both lecturer, programme leader and manager, her expertise lies in adopting a holistic approach to curriculum design. She is currently the Education Director at the Centre for Social Impact at University of New South Wales.

Dr Janis is also a recipient of the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence and a leading educator in the School of Management and Governance. She specialises in developing students’ learning capabilities to meet the challenges of the 21st century workplace, through innovative curriculum and course design.

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