OVCAA 2016 Reorganization

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (OVCAA) was regenerated with the addition of three sub-offices in response to the growing needs in teaching, curriculum and education technology in accordance to the Executive Order No. PAEP 16-02 dated April 26, 2016. The newly institutionalized offices are as follows: General Education Center (GEC), Office of Field Activities (OFA) and Office of International Linkages (OIL).

The restructuring also allowed for the office of National Service Training Program (NSTP) to be realigned from the Office of the Chancellor (OC) to the OVCAA as it handles an academic requirement (service training) that is mandated by law.

Moreover, the Office of Extension Coordination (OEC) was transferred to the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Development (OVCRD) to expand its activities relating to institutional extension program projects in parallel with institutional research and creative works. However, some of the tasks of the OEC were reassigned to other OVCAA sub-offices such as the OIL Diliman and Office of the Advancement of Teaching (OAT).

The reorganization had ultimately resulted to the establishment of a total of eight sub-offices gearing towards individual goals that contribute to OVCAA’s mandate to support the Chancellor in coordinating curricular, instructional, research and extension, library and other academic activities of UP Diliman. Read more...

Latest Memos

Memorandum No.


OVCAA-ECA 18-189
(16 July 2018)

Orientation for New UP Diliman Faculty

OVCAA-ECA 18-183
(10 July 2018)

Submission of List of Academic Field Activities (AFAs) for First Semester AY 2018-19 and tagging of AFA in CRS
OVCAA OFA Form No. 03 – Summary List of AFA - Word format

OVCAA-ECA 18-163
(21 June 2018)

Nominations for the UP Diliman Centennial Professorial Chairs and Faculty Grants (1 January 2018 - 31 December 2018 Cycle)
Revised Nomination Form - Word format

Job Opening